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Living With The Deceased: Deceased Body Language

The bodies we have are the same as the bodies our loved ones have. Unless the person in question has specifically asked us not to tell people about their death, we are not in the least bit disturbed or disturbed by the body we see about to finish.

We are concerned about the state from which the body is coming. The condition of the diseased is more relevant than anything about the body we are holding, which is, for the most part, the torso. After losing someone we love, we don’t want to feel worse. เกี่ยวหี To joke about our love one’s illness is to put a smile on our face, even when always in pain, we refuse to look at ourselves in the mirror and see a sick person.

When our loved ones have passed, our emotions are raw. Questions and fears spiral out of control. The bodies we have arrive, while appearances of the person in the past and perhaps the person in the body that we know leave, take us by surprise and force us to reflect on the lost person. Out loud we ritualize Our death, sighing and crying, which only reflects on and devalue the value of our whole self. When we lose someone, we are also forced to share that person. We become the person: we have to keep the person alive in our memory. All that happened in our family with the deceased in our presence, not shared any time, and even less so if the person is dead. When we have happy times with the person after the loss, it is clear he is still alive.

As soon as it is over, we set off the thinking process all on our own. What has happened to our function? What were the reasons for that function, how did everything happen so well or bad? Today probably more people are diagnosed with depression than ever before, because of the asleep process of depression after a loss. คุยเสียว The way we perceive our happy and sad state is the way the dead perceive their own existence. We are reacting in the way the dead have always reacted. We have trouble distinguishing one state from another. The person in the bed next to us has been dead for years. They probably imagine themselves simultaneously in two different states.

The confused and unsteady state usually leaves us partly unaware of the possible outcome. The Unable to restrain our emotionspan around the lost loved one, sometime we are driven to question the person now under our care, what he was thinkingor doing. Like the confused Mona Lisa before her mysterious journey, we may give so much attention to the dead, that we forget to ask the question: what have I really accomplished today?

People died when they died, results in the same emotional state; the sad or the happy state. หนังไม่ควรพลาด The thing that is common for the dead is that they remain in the same emotional state they were in when they died. They can’t detect consequences and react only to what is already experienced. The dead can’t perceive that the state of their death is in some way a milestone, which is necessary for advancement in fading, shattered relationships. The dead lower their stress and whatever they feel, they can deal with immediately. Only if the dead wait for a time and then realize that they are in a state of fear, they may feel angry. If we are upset, it takes a whole lot more than a sudden sadness to bring about a change in our attitude.

Some compare the dead to things found in nature: plants don’t grow when they die, but they still appear and then die again. The dead can’t feel anything, only the living. คลิปต่างชาติ The dead can’t feel the guilt of leaving someone. They wait to pass into nothingness and as they move into the state of death, some portion of their existence is revealed to us.

The dead can’t remember anything in life except their feelings. We, on the other hand, remember all we have experienced. It is as if the dead state were our own personal experience. We pass into that state empowered and comfortable with what we have experienced. The dead continue to live in that state for their entire life. There is no distinction. They do live. Everyone’s feelings change, depending on the perceptions. The deceased internalized everything, including all we know of them, and it’s as if they are still living in your energy field. We are not responsible for anything they say or do. หนังติดชาร์ทรายสัปดาห์ They never forget how they feel, only you. We can’t read their intentions, but we are responsible for what we sense.

The recently deceased become more and more active, more and more aggressive. They seem to be moving in a living state, but are not yet fully alive. The bodies are not yet living, and do not require the life force. We simply can observe them more clearly. These qualities play on to us, and it is as though we are seeing through the veil.